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1:It is well-known to us that……(我们都知道……)==As far as my knowledge is concerned, …( 就我所知…)

2:Recently the problem of…… has been brought into focus. ==Nowadays there is a growing concern over ……(最近……问题引起了关注)

3:Nowadays(overpopulation)has become a problem we have to face.(现今,人口过剩已成为我们不得不面对的问题)

4:Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.(互联网已在我们的生活扮演着越来越重要的角色,它给我们带来了许多好处但也产生了一些严重的问题)

5:With the rapid development of science and technology,more and more people believe that……(随着科技的迅速发展,越来越多的人认为……)

6:It is a common belief that……==It is commonly believed that……(人们一般认为……)

7:A lot of people seem to think that……(很多人似乎认为……)

8:It is universally acknowledged that + 句子(全世界都知道...)


1:People's views on……vary from person to person. Some hold that……However, others believe that……(人们对……的观点因人而异,有些人认为……然而其他人却认为……)

2:People may have different opinions on……(人们对……可能会持有不同见解)

3:Attitudes towards (drugs)vary from person to person.==Different people hold different attitudes towards(failure)(人们对待吸毒的态度因人而异)

4:There are different opinions among people as to……(对于……人们的观点大不相同)


1:In short, it can be said that……(总之,他的意思是……)

2:From what has been mentioned above, we can come to the conclusion that……(从上面提到的,我们可以得出结论……)

3:Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally/reasonably come to the conclusion that……(把所有的这些因素加以考虑,我们自然可以得出结论……)

4:Hence/Therefore, we'd better come to the conclusion that……(因此,我们最好的出这样的结论……)

5:There is no doubt that (job-hopping)has its drawbacks as well as merits.(毫无疑问,跳槽有优点也有缺点)

6:All in all, we cannot live without……,but at the same time we must try to find out new ways to cope with the problems that would arise.(总之,我们没有……无法生活,但同时我们必须寻求新的解决办法来面对可能出现的新问题)


1:It is high time that we put an end to the (trend).(该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了)

2:There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of……(毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够重视)

3:Obviously ,if we want to do something … it is essential that……(显然,如果我们想要做么事,很重要的是……)

4:Only in this way can we ……(只有这样,我们才能……)

5:Spare no effort to + V (不遗余力的)


1:Obviously,if we don't control the problem, the chances are that……will lead us in danger.(很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险)

2:No doubt, unless we take effective measures, it is very likely that ……(毫无疑问,除非我们采取有效措施,否则我们很可能会……)

3:It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation(很紧迫的是应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展)


1:From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second.(在我看来,支持第一种观点比第二种更有道理)

2:I cannot entirely agree with the idea that……(我无法完全同意这一观点)

3:As far as I am concerned/In my opinion,……(就我来说……)

4:I sincerely believe that……==I am greatly convinced (that)子句.(我真诚地相信……)

5:Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why ……(最后,坦率地说,还有另外一个实际的原因……)


1:The reason why + 句子 ~~~ is that + 句子 (...的原因是...)

2:This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons .First,…….Second,…….Third,……。这一现象存在有很多原因的,第一……第二……第三……

3:For one thing,…… For another thing,…… ==On the one hand,……On the other hand……一方面……另一方面……

4:I quite agree with the statement that……The reasons are chiefly as follows.我十分赞同这一论述,即……。其主要原因如下。


1:The best way to solve the troubles is……解决这些麻烦的最好办法是……

2:As far as something is concerned,……就某事而言,……

3;It is obvious that……很显然……

4:It may be true that……but it doesn't mean that……可能……是对的,但这并不意味着……

5;It is natural to believe that……but we shouldn't ignore that……认为……是自然的,但我们不应忽视……

6:There is no evidence to suggest that……没有证据表明……


1:It has the following advantages.它有如下优势

2:It is beneficial/harmful to us.==It is of great benefit/harm to us.它对我们有益处

3:It has more disadvantages than advantage.他有很多不足之处


1:It is important(necessary/difficult/convenient/possible)for sb to do sth.对于某人做……是……

2:It plays an important role in our life.


1:We should take some effective measures.我们应该采取有效措施

2:We should try our best to overcome/conquer the difficulties.我们应该尽最大努力去克服困难

3:We should do our utmost in doing sth.我们应该尽力去做……

4:We should solve the problems that we are confronted/faced with.我们应该解决我们面临的困难


1:Some changes have taken place in the past five years.过去五年发生了很多变化

2:Great changes will certainly be produced in the international communications.在国际交流中理所当然会发生很多大的变化

3:It has increased/decreased from…to…他已经从…增加/减少到…

4:The output of July in this factory increased by 15%.这个工厂7月份产量以增加了15%


1;We cannot ignore the fact that……我们不能忽略这个事实……

2:No one can deny the fact that……没人能否认这个事实……

3:This is a phenomenon that many people are interested in.

4:be closely related to ~~ (与...息息相关) 


1:Compared with A,B……与A比较,B……

2;I prefer to read rather than watch TV.


1:Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩

2:All is not gold that glitters.发光的未必都是金子

3:All roads lead to Rome.条条大路通罗马

4:A good beginning is half done.良好的开端是成功的一半

5:Every advantage has its disadvantage有利必有弊

6:A miss is as good as a mile.失之毫厘,差之千里

7:Failure is the mother of success.失败是成功之母

8:Industry is the parent of success.勤奋是成功之母

9:It is never too old to learn.活到老,学到老

10:Knowledge is power.知识就是力量

11:Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.世上无难事,只怕有心人




  It is really hard to say which is better than the other, city life or rural life, because each has its merits and shortcomings.

  Living in a city, people have certain advantages. First, people enjoy various entertainments, both foreign and domestic. Second, there are more cultural activities in a city. Third, city dwellers gain access to better information service and educational facilities. However, problems exist. The overcrowded population, traffic jam, housing problem, industrial pollution and other issues may result in depression, nervousness and diseases. laving in the country, people can enjoy living in pure nature. They lead a simple and trouble free life. But rural life may not be that perfect. People usually lack cultural activities. They are relatively ill informed . Things go fairly slowly there. And people miss some golden opportunities of making a fortune. The chances of their children being admitted to colleges are slim.

  Obviously, whatever life they lead, people can never feel perfectly satisfied, for conveniences and inconveniences always coexist. People wish that they could enjoy the pleasures of both lives. With the rapid economic development, nowadays city dwellers can relax themselves in the country during vacation; and country people have chance to experience city lifestyle when they come to cities.

  Life in the city is very different from life in the villages and on the farms. People in large cities are much more careful to respect the privacy of the individual. Sometimes this feeling seems to be one of indifference, but it is a convention of city life to curb one's curiosity about the personal affairs of strangers. Villagers and farmers are likely to show a great deal of interest in all their neighbors. Opportunities for bright young people are greater in the cities and there has been a steady stream of hopeful jobseekers from the villages and farms to the large metropolitan areas.

  2. As students, we always have a lot of exams/tests every term. Tests are used nowadays to check/examine/measure how well /effectively students study. Exams are a very useful and important educational tool of measurement.

  However, exams have some side effects of their own. First, some exams can’t reflect the real progress students make. Second, too difficult or too many exams force students to cheat in exams. Too many exams force students to study for the sake of exams only, to name just a few.

  In my opinion, advantages of exams far outweigh their disadvantages. Despite their side effects, exams can on the whole check and show how well students study scientifically and accurately. At least so far there has been not any method that take their place in education. Besides, exams seem to be fair to all students as they are objective and everyone is equal before test results.

  To conclude, exams may continue to exist in our education for a long time before they are replaced by some better measurement methods.

  3.How to Develop Urban Tourist Industry

  Tourist is developing very fast with the development of the economy in our country.People are popular with travelling at weekend or especially in their long holidy such 7-day National day,May Day or New years Day .In order to meet the increasing need of people's tracelling, We should make great effort to develop the Urban tourist industry.In my opinion, we ought to pay attention to the disadvantages and disadvantages while speeding up the tourist industry.

  First, research is to be done to lear about the people's requirements.What kind of scene people prefer to go? Do the present places of interest meet the need of the most people?Are the service done well enough?

  Second, careful plans are to be made make ful use of the natural resources.While developing the tourist,emphsis should be laid on how to protect the enviroment from being destroyed.

  In all, we should't take no notice of the others while emphasising tourist industry.We have to take them as a whole.


  2. 人际交流的重要性

  3. 结论

  Entering the 21st century, man is now in an age of information and knowledge. In such an age, interpersonal communication plays an increasingly important role and all people have to communicate with others.

  Why is interpersonal communication so important? First, it helps people understand each other better. Second, it helps people get more information and knowledge. Third, without interpersonal communication, our life would become a desert of emotion and friendship. Last but not the least, communication between people makes our life lively, interesting and lovely.

  In a word, humans, as social animals, have to communicate with each other, the importance of which can never be overemphasized.

  Why is interpersonal communication so important? Interpersonal communication is just like a bridge of understanding between people. For example, it helps students to learn more effectively if one can communicate more with his teachers and classmates. In a family, communication makes the family members understand each other better and get closer. In the workplace, communication between the employer and the employed creates a friendly and helpful working environment.

  5.How to Study Effectively

  As students, we have to study almost every day. However, how can we study effectively? Probably not everybody knows. Have a look at the following graph and we may know better about this.

  This graph shows the relationship between the amount of study efficiency and the hours spent in studying in a day. From it, we can see that more hours of study do not necessarily result in better or higher study efficiency. In the graph, the best amount of efficiency or the optimum of efficiency comes when one has studied for about 5.5 hours. However, the efficiency begins to drop as he studies longer than 5.5. By the time when one has studied for 10 hours in a day, his efficiency of study may become nothing or zero.

  In conclusion, there is always a maximum of efficiency and time for study in a day. More time spent in study doesn’t always mean better efficiency. This may tell us how we can study effectively.









As is known to all, it is important to be/ do… I think there are at least two reasons for… For one thing,… For another,…. Let’s take… for example… From what I have mentioned above we can see that without… we can not … it is clear that…. play an important part in…

Different people, however, have different opinions on this matters. Some people think that … According to them all of us should… Others argue that … in their point of view, nobody can without … Compared with…, has a lot of advantages over… There is no doubt that … As a consequence, ….

In short, I firmly support the view that … It is because… So my conclusion is that ….(109words)

1. 对立观点式:

A.有人认为X 是好事,赞成X, 为什么?

B.有人认为X 是坏事, 反对X,为什么?

C.我的看法。 Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支持X 的第一个原因。They also argue that 支持X 的另一个原因。 However, other people stand on a different ground. They consider it harmful to do X. They firmly point out that 反对X 的第一个理由。An example can give the details of this argument: 一个例子。 There is some truth in both arguments. But I think the advantages of X overweigh the disadvantages. In addition to the above-mentioned negative effects it might bring about, X also may X 的一个坏处。 2. 批驳观点式: A.一个错误观点。 B.我不同意。 Many people argue that 错误观点。By saying that, they mean 对这个观点的进一步解释。An example they have presented is that 一个例子。(According to a survey performed by X on a group of Y, almost 80% of them 赞成这个错误观点或者受到这个错误观点的影响)。 There might be some element of truth in these people's belief. But if we consider it in depth, we will feel no reservation to conclude that 与错误观点相反的观点。There are a number of reasons behind my belief.(以下参照辩论文的议论文写法)。 3. 社会问题(现象)式 A.一个社会问题或者现象。 B.产生的原因 C.对社会和我们生活的影响 D. 如何杜绝。(如果是问题的话) E. 前景的预测。 Nowadays, there exists an increasingly serious social/economic/environmental problem. (X has increasingly become a common concern of the public). According to a survey, 调查内容说明这种现象的情况。(或者是一个例子) There are a couple of reasons booming this problem/phenomenon. 下面参照辩论式议论文的写法。 X has caused substantial impact on the society and our daily life, which has been articulated in the following aspects. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。 A dozen of measures are supposed to take to prevent X from bringing us more harm. 参照辩论式议论文的写法。 Based on the above discussions, I can easily forecast that more and more people will...

议论文有三要点:论点、论据、论证方法。论点:作者对某事某现象持有的见解或主张。论据:1.事实论据 2.理论论据 用来证明论点的理由或根据。论证方法:对比 归纳 演绎等......


  In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream

means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the

target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won’t be blind at


  My dream is to become a successful stateman, helping those people who need

help with their rights. Of course, to be a good stateman is very difficult, but

I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone satisfied. That's my dream. I want

to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country. China is a

developing country which needs good stateman,especially in the countryside and

distant villages.

  Now I’m a junior student on Grade One, My dream is also that although at

present I’m good at study, I’ll still try my best to be the study winner. Now

everything I do is close to my dream. I feel life is fill with hope and is

colorful, and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.







议论文的格式应由三个部分组成:<1> 立论部分;<2> 论证部分; <3> 结论部分。一般说来,议论文可分三个基本段落来写:











Many students think thatthey do not need to learn Engish,becausethey don't plan to go abroad.

But as to me,I am not in favour of this point of view.Ithinkthat English is very important to us, so we should learn English well.First of all,in the opening times, if you want to do business with foreigners, you must use English because most of them speak and write in English.

Secondly,in the world today most books are written in English. If you know much English, you can read newspapers and magazines in English.Most importantof all,you can learn something more widely.

All in all,I hold the opinion thatwe should learn English well.And I hopethat all the students can use English freely.


Nowadays,many studentslike tomake friends online.About this different people have different opinions.

On the one hand,some

people thinkit's interesting totalk with friends online.So you will never feel lonely when youare alone.If you are lucky enough to make a friend from Englishspeaking country,you can improve your English greatly.Moreover, it's pretty cool to have several foreign friends.

But every coinhas two sides.Firstly,only a few people have made really goodfriends online.Many people are cheated by the "friends".Besides,it is terrible for students to spen

d much time makingfriends and talking online.

Some people say making friends online is making trouble.Ithinkthere is something in what they say.




My Father and Mother

The Story of Marry等等





Why Do We Study English?

Now the country with the world, how can not learn English in other countries to exchange it? Now the world's powerful countries, such as the United States. It is English, but English is now the world's main languages, of course, to learn.

Chinese people always love to learn to erudition, manners stand in the world. Although the study does not necessarily mean bad English did not use, but to learn a foreign language is indeed very cattle drop in after work, or other aspects of great help to drop. If there is a foreigner, you can speak English, for your own work or life than helping those who do not speak a foreign language, to a large point bar. Foreign language because you would say, contact with foreigners can be brought about by things.

It was also noted that foreigners do not learn why we Chinese people and let us learn it in English? Foreigners have of you to learn Chinese, they also learn an alien language of other countries, because to understand the language of the country will be able to contact and learn things in that country.

English is the language used to do one of a wide range of English-speaking nearly 300 million people. English is the international conference on the use of the working languages of the largest in the world of radio and 60 percent of the e-mail by 70% English, based on millions of books and magazines written in English.

Therefore, we have to learn English









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